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The project to develop the Spaceroom has spanned many years and a variety of incarnations.  One of the limiting factors has been little or no budget, so it was necessary to use whatever became available to the project.  In the early days this was a plethora of IBM PC 8088 computers.  One of the early cheap networking systems was Moses net, a DOS/Netbios based networking protocol that supported file sharing and and Netbios API.  One of the first applications written was a multi-user chat program.  This allowed all of the participants to communicate across the site, (within the ship and down at the space station bar).  We also wired cameras to TV's to create two-way visuals.   In addition since the X10 home automation system was used to control many parts of the ship, we added programmatic control over those elements as well (lights, AC, computers, the Hatch).

The second stage was a DOS based ship simulation program that supported multiple console application on other machines to connect and perform various activities such as navigate the ship or fire weapons at enemy ships.  Most of the coding was done in Borland C.

Eventually our scavenged machines were at a level that they could run the advanced Windows 95 operating system.  With the availability of Delphi as a programming tool it became possible to start creating more visually appealing consoles.

In a following incarnation we changed from Netbios which limited the potential use of the system to an internal network, to TCP/IP with the hope of eventually using the system across the internet.

In the latest version, we have been experimenting with using a script based system to allow a more flexible adjustment of the behavior of the system without having to recompile the system everytime we add a new system.